Building a New Home

Why Choose a CHBA Member?

  • Membership in the CHBA is a strong indication that a new home builder is a professional, dedicated to the business of home building, committed to customer satisfaction and in business for the long term.
  • Membership in the Association is voluntary. Members agree to the CHBA's Code of Ethics, which is based on principles of fairness, integrity and consumer satisfaction.
  • Being a professional new home builder means constant learning. Through the CHBA, members can keep up to date on technological advances, regulations, products and materials, financing, design and so on-in short, what they need to know to provide home buyers with the best and latest in the marketplace.
  • Home building is teamwork that takes the skills, expertise and cooperation of many suppliers and trades. Builders who belong to the CHBA have ready access to a network of professional companies and individuals providing services to the residential construction industry.
  • Managing a successful home building business means understanding what's going on in the community, and how it might affect the industry and consumers. Association members have access to wide range of information to keep them informed and up-to-date on important issues. They also have opportunities to meet and work with local decision-makers.

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Many people prefer the challenge and flexibility of building their own home. You can get exactly what you want in terms of size, design, location, quality of material, level of energy-efficiency, etc. Listed below are some items that you might consider before starting to build your new home:


Choosing the Right Home for You

New Home Benefits

  • Maintenance costs. Lower maintenance costs because everything is new and many items are covered by a warranty.
  • Builder warranty. A homebuilder's warranty is available in Alberta.  This can be important if a major system such as plumbing or heating breaks down. This warranty does not apply if you build the home yourself.
  • Taxes such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will apply. However, you may qualify for a rebate of part of the GST on homes that cost less than $450,000. For more information about the GST New Housing Rebate program, visit the Canada Revenue Agency Web site at

How Can you Find the Right Home?

Start the Search
Once you figure out what you can afford to pay for a house and obtain a pre-qualified mortgage, you are ready to start your search. There are a variety of sources you can use to find the home that is right for you:

  • Word of mouth. By telling everyone you know that you are looking for a house, you might hear about spec homes that are just becoming available on the market.
  • Newspapers and real estate magazines. Check the new homes section in daily newspapers or look for real estate magazines available at newsstands, convenience stores and other outlets. These free publications feature pictures and brief descriptions of a variety of homes.
  • The Internet. Check out Builder Web sites.
  • Visit new development sites. This will allow you to see the different models available and to get information from builders.

 Information Provided by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation