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November 30, 2015

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November 25, 2015
November 05, 2015

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October 30, 2015

A huge THANK YOU to all those members who participated in the first annual CHBA-ER Renovators’ Community Service Day, whereby local home renovation companies and their suppliers worked together to make a significant impact in the community by collectively undertaking a two-day renovation project. This was a fantastic way for the CHBA-ER Reno Committee to celebrate October as “Renovation Month.” 


This year the Community Service Day focused on helping at the Edmonton Pilgrims Hospice.


In all, 35 volunteer workers from 20 different companies participated in renovating and improving the infrastructure and common living areas of the Pilgrims Hospice!  In addition to having fun, working together and helping raise awareness for a wonderful charity, the members raised $900 in cash donations, as well as thousands of dollars in donations of time and materials!  For pictures of the event, see the attachments below and please visit the CHBA-ER Facebook page: for links to the Pilgrims Hospice site. 


As you know, Pilgrims Hospice provides supportive and compassionate family centred care to enhance the quality and dignity of life for those diagnosed with a progressive, life-threatening illness as well as solace to those who are bereaved.  Because of your generous support, Pilgrims Hospice is a more inviting, brighter and welcoming space!  In the words of Deb Birkett, Director of Pilgrims Hospice, “Angels walk among us!  Our clients LOVE the new space, and we all love having a safer and more inviting environment for them.  Thank you all for gifting us with this wonderful project.”  


This was a fantastic way for the CHBA-ER Reno Committee to celebrate “Renovation Month” and we look forward to working with all of you again next year to make this an annual event. 

Thank you again for your time and energy.

Sincerely, your sub-committee organizers,


Angela Hassell, EMCO


Renée Majeau, City MiniMix Concrete


September 29, 2015

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