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Congratulations Larry Anderson and Reza Nasseri

The CHBA-ER would like to acknowledge two industry leaders who have recently been recognized for their outstanding contributions, in bettering the community that we all enjoy, Mr. Larry Anderson and Mr. Reza Nasseri. 

These gentlemen are an inspiration and are to be congratulated on their commitment, dedication, and involvement and believing that giving back is just the right thing to do.

 Larry AndersonLarry Anderson



Larry Anderson, on May 20, 2010 was inducted into the Junior Achievement Alberta Business Hall of Fame. 

Larry was born and raised in Edmonton, and due to family hardship, dropped out of school at 16 after grade ten.  In his early twenties, after reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie, his perspective changed and he decided to return to school. He completed High School at Alberta College and then onto the University of Alberta Faculty of Commerce.

In 1974, Larry founded Growth Marketing Inc. and then went on to excel in the home building industry with partners Lewis Nakatsui and Wayne Berg creating Lincolnberg Homes in 1978 and then later in 1985 founded the ManCap Group.

Larry has never forgotten how a change of perspective improved his life dramatically.  He believes every child is gifted, important and powerful.  Through his speeches and writing he passionately carries this message to youth groups and individuals.

In 1996, Larry and his partners in the ManCap Group founded the ManCap Foundation to foster leadership, education and entrepreneurship.  The ManCap Foundation has raised over $1,000,000 distributing over half of the funds to local charities.  The Foundation has awarded 73 Educational Grants to young entrepreneurs and established a Legacy Education Grant Endowment at the Edmonton Community Foundation to fund $18,000 in entrepreneurial education grants annually, in perpetuity.

Larry has also chaired successful fund raising initiates in the home building industry, the Edmonton Region Homebuilder Charity,  contributing to the construction of non-profit housing and establishing a trades scholarship endowment.

Larry and his wife Jan established, in 2009, the Life is A Promise Philanthropies, creating three initiatives and funding them with $2,000,000.

 Reza NasseriReza Nasseri

Reza Nasseri, on June 1, 2010 was inducted into The City of Edmonton’s 59th Annual Salute to Excellence Community Service Hall of Fame.

Reza worked as a tour guide in 1963 in his hometown of Esfahan, Iran and was intrigued by the stories he heard from Canadian and American tourists.  Inspired by the tales of opportunity, he immigrated to Canada in 1964 and enrolled in engineering at the University of Alberta. 

To finance his schooling he worked summers in the construction industry building logging roads, framing, drywalling, and pouring concrete to learn the industry firsthand.

His fascination for construction continues as he taught electrical engineering in the 1970’s at NAIT.  He founded his own company in 1977, Nasseri Construction.  From those humble beginnings Reza built the firm now called the Landmark Group of Builders which is noted for its innovations to reduce energy and resource usage in homes.

Reza and his company are renowned for engaging in a wealth of philanthropy that has benefited thousands of people here in Edmonton and the world ove

That attitude of Philanthropy bloomed in the 1980s when he was impressed by the medical care given in his adopted homeland to a much-loved family member.  In 1995, Reza created the Landmark Community Care Program.  This major philanthropic initiative has aided advances in social and community programs, education, and medicine by raising more than $1 million and donating $5.5 million to date. 

Reza and the Landmark Community Care Program does a wide array of Charitable work – everything from building homes for the Edmonton hospitals’ Full House Lottery to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for disaster relief.